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PB4 Links
Reflections http://www.mediafactory.org.au/matthew-duong/2018/05/26/film-light-omnia-mea-mecum-porto/ http://www.mediafactory.org.au/matthew-duong/2018/05/25/lights-camera-shoot-day-reflections/ http://www.mediafactory.org.au/matthew-duong/2 (More)
La La Land "Audition Scene" | Lighting Analysis
Damien Chazelle's La La Land pursues the musical feel from the New Hollywood and Classical Hollywood by mixing stylistic composition of scenes and sets with contemporary style of film making. In the audition scene in particular the scene shifts f (More)
Lighting Exercise | PB 1 Reflection 2
The exercise we did today with reflecting light off a white and/or black cardboard enlightened me to different possibilities that I can think about when lighting. Or as to say, actually being shown how to go about properly lighting a subject or set. (More)
Not quite my tempo | PB 1
This scene is generally a two shot that switches between J.K Simmons' character (Terrence Fletcher) and Miles Teller's character (Andrew). I'm going to focus on the mid shots of Simmons and Teller that are cut between from [0.20]-[1.29], in these (More)
Lighting in Art | PB 1
A wide shot of a 3 portrait standing rectangular windows equidistant from each other with the middle however appearing to be the cor (More)
Film Light, Broadening my Mind | PB1 Reflection 1
Film light took my interest before the semester. Keeping in mind that this will be my last studio, I wanted to make it something that would combine theory and practice as an amalgamation of what I've learned and experienced so far. I'm excited about (More)
Wk 5 About Sound (Part II): Led by Sound
Scroll down for video and process. I always felt that the image on screen is a primary element of film while sound is a secondary element. So as a visual learner and logical person, my filmmaking journey had always been led by the vision in my mind (More)
Project Brief 3
Preparation post Deluge introduction Feedback post More)
Statement of Goals
Having completed a degree before beginning my media degree taught me a few things: Completing a degree is hard, it takes time, effort, money & hard work, but it does pay off in the end. Time goes SUPER fast, before I knew it I was in my last ye (More)
Project Brief 4- Rough Cut of Audio Essay
Here's the rough cut of the first component of our 4th project brief- the audio essay. We've decided we'll be re-recording it on Monday, but aside from that we're happy that Amelia was able to condense our radio host segment, as well as the super (More)
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