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Documentaries I've Watched!
The first documentary is one from VICE about the Charlottesville riots where far-right groups gathered for the "Unite the Right" rally. Elle Reeve, the correspondent, interviewed the white nationalist leader Christopher Cantwell, and others, going (More)
week 12: initiative: watching youtube videos for vegan inspiration
for as long as i can remember ive had a pretty unhealthy diet i mean my pizza story began with a ham and cheese and now i only have tomato paste and veggies. i guess you could say im trying to be more eithical and healthy these days. thats why ive be (More)
week 11: initiative: Buzzfeed Letdown
for as long as i can remember i have used buzzfeed, its been there for me every time i need to procrastinate and if ill be honest when i was leaving school my goal was to work for them. HOWEVER recently after a long buzzfeed vacation i logged on and (More)
week 9: initiative: i've been watching youtube videos of kids eating different foods around the world.
i've been watching kids from America eat different nationalities food delegacies from around the world. on a channel call HIHO these kids have inspired me to incorporate children into some of the projects i want to make as they are fresh and have ver (More)
week 10: Lost and the sounds used
i have been watching the show lost. sound in the show is both artificial and natural as it is set outside the constant noise of wind and animals such as birds within the setting make the narrative more realistic. then there are also the artificial (More)
Week 5: Initiative: Kids Describe God to an Illustrator (You Tube- WatchCut Video)
This week I came across a really thought provoking Youtube Channel called WatchCut Videos. Their channel is really versatile and is composed of a range of videos focusing on children, relationships, love, intimacy, and much more. The video I saw t (More)
Week 6: Initiative: 13 Reasons Why
This week i spent some time watching the controversial new Netflix series "13 Reasons Why", i was (More)
Week 7: Initiative: OJ Simpson
Du ring this week i spent some time watching the Netflix series The People VS. OJ Simpson To be Honest the case was so famous i already new the whole story line but there were a few things that left a mark on me: why cast Ross Geller from (More)
Week 8: initiative post: GirlBoss
This week I watched the Netflix show 'GirlBoss', after already reading the book written by Sophia Amoruso, it gave me even more of an insight into the life of the girl who made it big by selling jacket on Ebay. I guess her whole outlook on life makes (More)
Bad, Good and Bad Again (Week 4)
I have this theory that bad things happen in three's,  if I've only experienced two in this situation, im unfortunately awaiting the third.... 1.My friend told me that the world/ universe constantly wants you to grow and doesn't want you to ever b (More)
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