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Week 9 Tute: Groups & Mics
For this weeks tutorial, we were put into our groups of three and began to look properly at the Project Brief four. The project asks us to create a 7-8 minutes long audio piece based around the theme of the semester being "Attention". We can choose a (More)
PB4 Reflection
  For this project brief I felt that some of the most successful parts of the piece included the use of sound FX. I think utilising different sounds other than voices was effective as it gave another layer to the piece ultimately engaging the (More)
Week 12 Tute: Rough cut feedback
For our last tute this week we were visited by two media professional who came in to listen to our rough cuts and provide us with feedback. For our group, Jon the digital manager at the Wheeler Centre and audio professional listened to our project an (More)
Week 12 Lecture
For this weeks Lectorial, we were invited to reflect. Both on our progress throughout this semester, as well as things we have learnt that we need t (More)
Week 11 Tutorial: Words and Editing
For this weeks tutorial, we listened to an audio piece that was broken up into scenes. It followed the stories of several people in a Hotel in Hong Kong. As a whole, it was an experimental piece using things like repetition and metaphor, yet after an (More)
Week 11 Lecture: Attention & Attention
Although I was absent this week, from the notes Brian provided about guest speaker Dr Ramon Lobato sounded quite interesting. He looked at the changing status of television, with a focus on Netflix. As someone who amazingly has not jumped on the N (More)
Week 10 Workshop: Listening & Analysing
For this weeks Workshop, we listened to an audio documentary on a man's journey to resolve his emotions over the lobotomy he received when he was a young man, as well as his relationship towards his very naive father, the person who allowed it to hap (More)
Week 10 Lecture: Radiolab and Perspective
For this weeks lecture Kyla Brettle came in to talk to us about audio drama's documentaries & features. She talked about how we will be learning to listen to audio more specifically than we might normally. We heard the program intro to Radiola (More)
Lecture Week 9: Teamwork and Media Literacy
For this week Rachel Wilson began by talking to us about collaboration. It is something that employers highlighted as a quality they look for in university graduates who wish to work for them and understand the skills of working in a team, problem so (More)
PB3 Interview
Blurb: Current Media student and Blogger/Writer of elizabethandher.com, Lizzie Maidment talks about her career beginnin (More)
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