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Who has time to find time in this digital age anyway?
Machines have not liberated us from work... The unparalleled velocity of computerisation, telecommunications, and transport, which was expected to free up human time, has paradoxically been accompanied by a growing sense of time pressure. ...as a c (More)
The 4th Industrial Revolution: what does it mean for content-makers?
The Industrial Revolution is defined as the transition to "new manufacturing processes" that took place from the 18th to the 19th centuries. It's Anne Shirley on her horse-drawn buggy VS. Morgan Harris on his engine-powered automobile (If you don't g (More)
Entertainment & Media Future: age DOES matter, prediction (or prevention?), and content still rules
This report, issued by the Global Entertainment Media Outlook 2016-2020 aggregate (More)
The Informal Media Economy - what's to do about that?
I'm feeling pretentiously self-deprecatory at the moment, particularly with all this job talk and yes, the inevitable discourse of a media career, but allow me to to alleviate this post from its seriousness with an overview: Ramon Lobato and Julia (More)
Be so, so good - it's not always about your passion.
In this industry, everyone talks about passion, everyone talks about "doing what you love" that it not only bordered on cliché, it trumps it with an american-accented "see ya later, losers!" And I've trained my psyche to be commanding enough to own t (More)
Minds Viewed Globally
We are entreated to a psychological dance of the "minds" so that we basic people will not find ourselves at the "mercy of forces" we cannot understand let alone control. Shall we? The disciplined mind - "a distinctive mode of cognition" that ch (More)
Five Minds In You
This reading “Five Minds for the Future” by Howard Garder breaks down the cognitive abilities that will be developed in the future: the disciplinary mind, the synthesising mind, the creating mind, the respectful mind and the ethical mind. The disc (More)
Week 4/ "Passion"
The craftsman mindset: what value you're producing ("output-centric approcach")p37 - crucial for building a career you love The passion mindset: what value your job offers you -focusing on what work offers you - leads to focusing what you don't (More)
Media 6 and Megatrends / Week 1
I was at first critical of Schwag's use of the phrase '4th industrial revolution'. I was previously familiar with advances of technology and digitalisation being referred to as the 2nd and 3rd extensions of the industrial revolution but sceptic at th (More)
Welcome to Xiaochen's Online Portfolio Page!
Xiaochen Zhang|316 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000|0447252308|zxcdotwo@gmail.com Welcome to Xiaochen Zhang's page of online profolio. Here you can find my CV and relevant working experience as a media graduate, as well as a portfolio of some of (More)
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