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Max Interactive Study 4
Study 4! For this one, I worked with Isobel Pattinson and Brooke McKay on creating a patch to embarrass people. To do this we gave them the task of jumping around and waving their arms, with the goal of filling up a lolly jar. While they were doing t (More)
Max Interactive Study 5
Study 5! This one is the evolution of our Study 4 patch, we tweaked most parts of our patch (e.g: sensitivity values) in order to make it work a bit closer t (More)
Max Interactive Study 7
The slider puzzle! For this one I took inspiration from Jeremy’s “Annoying Game” from Assignment 3, I wanted to create a similar puzzle with more lim (More)
Max Interactive Study 9
The final study! For this one I wanted to take my interactive content full circle, reimagining my very first creation in Max, which was a system where the us (More)
Max Interactive Study 8
Study 8! This study was an evolution of my major project from assignment 3. The major issue with the submitted project for that assignment, Particle Playground V1.0, was that there was very limited user interaction with the piece. I attempted to solv (More)
Max Interactive Study 1
In my first study, I have tried to develop the idea of multiple tactile pieces working together to create a whole or achieve a goal. Three buttons need to be pressed to allow the audience to hear the music fully, ideally, these would be at a distance (More)
Max Interactive Study 3
For the third study, I wanted to explore the idea of creating polygons using the mouse/trackpad for input. To do this I used the lcd object, as it provides mouse information from its outlets. From this, I was able to make a click detector that sent t (More)
Max Interactive Study 2
For the second study, we grouped up to come up with ideas for an interactive media piece. Our group of 3 came up with the idea of a program that pulled Donald Trump’s Twitter feed and censored certain words which considered to be either loaded or con (More)
Why Real to Reel?
I enrolled in Real to Reel because I had become curious about non-fiction production and wanted to learn about the different types of non-fiction work, and the difference in techniques between non-fiction and narrative work. While I was initially (More)
The Wolfpack
I watched Crystal Moselle’s 2015 film, The Wolfpack. It followed the lives of the Angulo family, who were confined to a New York City apartment by their paranoid patriarch, with movies as their only connection to the outside world. The main subjects (More)
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