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Cry For Help
I guess I should address the Elephant in the room, which in this case is this blog and why I'm even blogging in the first place. So for starters, Hi, I'm Daleen , 20 years old and I've just finished my first week of university at RMIT. Like a lot of (More)
Initiative: St Kilda Film Festival
Last night I was lucky enough to get 2 free tickets to the opening night of the St Kilda Film Festival! being stuck in a loud construction cinema studies tutorial room has its perks. But in all seriousness, it was amazing. This was my first film f (More)
Media 1: Final Reflection
Media 1: Final Reflection Semester one of university at RMIT has been a challenge, especially in relation to this course. It is safe to say that this was the hardest course I have ever done, but definitely one of the most rewarding ones. Any preco (More)
My Learning Graph (Week 12)
It's the end of my first studio and I've learnt so many things that I believe are valuable. How to use a Sony MC50 camera, Zoom H2N mic, an improvement in how I can collaborate with others efficiently, and how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audi (More)
Industry Expert Feedback (Week 12)
This week industry experts gave us feedback on our PB4 drafts. Will our car scenes be realistic (is the listener is positioned a certain distance away from the sounds of keys, steering wheel, etc and these sounds are heard like they would be i (More)
In The Editing Room (Week 12)
In our group meeting for PB4 we continued to construct our script. The most important thing we have to remember is not to fall back into a report-like format. We’re looking into more creative ways to express the same thoughts we had in our narration. (More)
Cutting Conversations (Week 11)
What works in this class sound exercise is making all the iPhone noises stand out using sound effect presets on Audition. This demonstrates that the character is easily distracted by these noises, so much so that these noises are all listeners can fo (More)
The Presence of Netflix in Popular Culture (Week 11)
The structural changes occurring in television content and culture are reflected in my own experiences of consuming television content. Probably the only time I watch broadcast TV is when I watch the news and when I have to wait for SmartHub to load (More)
Zoom H2N (Week 9)
My final assessment for the semester is a project about ‘attention’ with Jack and Samantha. We’ve constructed the project around the research question: ‘What is the association between the rise of social media and students' focussed attention?’ We’ll (More)
When Fandom Overrides Privacy (Week 8)
We’ve talked about privacy among youth and now we’ve learnt about fandoms. But there’s a point where some fans (stemming from a culture of irrationality) choose to invade their idol’s privacy. Such as when the stars of SKAM (2015), a hit Norwegian s (More)
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