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week 6 lecture...
ruhr from Sofia Marramá on Vimeo. ...which responds to your questions from week five can be found More)
questions for week 6's open lecture...
In response to the week 5 Silke Panse reading... What constitutes pure and impure film? What are some other examples of structural cinem (More)
Lecture #12
Today's lecture we were asked to draw up a graph that reflected on our progress over the semester. I stuffed my graph up pretty bad (and by that I mean it was completely illegible), so I'm choosing to write down my experience instead. Technical (More)
Lecture Week 11
Unfortunately, I was absent from this weeks lecture.  According to the lecture notes, it was about the decline of broadcast television and the rapid rise of online streaming services (focusing on Netflix). One of the main points in the lecture notes (More)
Lecture Week 9
This week, we had a guest lecturer, Dr Rachel Wilson, who looked at TEAMWORK, a word that sent a shiver down the spine of every student in the room.  But, because we have chosen to work in the media, this is a reality we all must face.  A bead of swe (More)
Week 10 Lecture & Reading
Some notes: Audio drama, documentaries & features Broadcast & radio are important in making media. Info could help with making other types of medias. RadioLab Time (season I, episode I) - 'program intro' As a piece progresses you (More)
Lecture #11
In our last guest lecture, Dr Ramon Lobato spoke to us about television changes with an emphasis on Netflix. He gave us a rundown on online TV ecology which includes: -SVOD: Subscription/streaming video on demand -TVOD: Television on demand -AV (More)
Week 11 - Lecture
In this week's lecture, we had a guest lecturer named Ramon, who is a researcher at RMIT and who is also filled with knowledge about film and television, two things I love to spend a lot of my time on. In the lecture we focused on television, streami (More)
Week 12 - Last Lecture of Media 1
Learning Graph (sorry for the bad quality, I still don't know how to scan from a printer) Our exercise for the last lecture of Media 1 (More)
Lecture #9
Recently, one of my tutors pointed out to the class that complaints about group projects are pointless, as collaborative work is part of basically every industry. While that's a correct statement, it doesn't make group projects any less daunting for (More)
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