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— Unfortunately, I missed this week's lectorial delivered by Dr. Rachel Wilson. But through the grapevine, I found out it was about introducing us to group work in order to set us up for Project Brief 4. Brief 4 is the last one for the Media 1 unit (More)
In the second half of this week's lectorial we were sent out in groups to various parts of the city to document the different types of media we came across. My group was assigned Bourke Street Mall and we did not have a shortage of media to document, (More)
— What can we achieve with just audio? Turns out a lot, actually. In a lecture delivered by Kyla Brettle we were invited to “see in the dark” – the idea of creating content with depth and texture without visuals. The young media practitioners amo (More)
It was a mix of content delivered in this lectorial. The first third was lecture delivered by guest lecturer, Paul Richard concerning our role as media operators and the responsibilities associated with that position. A topic that covered a pretty (More)
I am the esports guy. Since making a comment in the first lectorial all the way in week one in the ‘hyper or deep attention’ discussion multiple students have recognised me (the purple hair helps I assume) and they have associated that whole sect of (More)
--- 517 Words | 3 Photos | 1 Video  --- Today our lectorial ended early but before we were dismissed we split up into small groups and were tasked to actively look out for instances of media in a nearby section of the city.   I was join (More)
Unfortunately, I missed this week's lecture delivered by Louise Turley, producer of ABC TV's Back Roads which covered the art of interviews. Before diving into the lecture notes I had begun to consider all the hidden factors to even the simplest i (More)
Lecture Week 12
This semester really has been a roller coaster!  The areas that I've struggled most in, which are quite shoc (More)
Lecture Week 11
Unfortunately, I was absent from this weeks lecture.  According to the lecture notes, it was about the decline of broadcast television and the rapid rise of online streaming services (focusing on Netflix). One of the main points in the lecture notes (More)
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Tech Skills: I feel like this year full of new challenges on the technology front. I had only done little film on iMovie so moving fro (More)
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