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Development 4.4: Why using Eko? / Storytelling Approach
Korsakow or Eko In assignment 3, we had used Korsakow to create the interactive documentary in spatial montage by using different interfaces and preview thumbnails to connect them, however, since the software has its own limit (e.g. there must be on (More)
Development 3.3: Individual Research
  Video in similar theme   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRLsW0KV6mc   Above is a promotional video filmed by the channel Visit Melbourne, that advertising how excited a day in Melbourne could be from paddle-surfing in t (More)
Development 3.2: Readings
Interactive documentary, is a new form of documentary that tells stories of the real world by using different forms of media (such as website (More)
Reflection 3: Korsakow and Interactive Documentary
In week 4, we had explored a lot in Manovich's The Language of New Media, that modularity means a piece of new media work could be divided into numerous modules, where each module would make sense on its own, but also related to the rest elements o (More)
Project 3: Friday in Melbourne
Friday In Melbourne, is a small-scale interactive documentary that describing the Friday life of Melbourne in four different person's point of view from 8am to midnight, where two of them depicted their life in Melbourne city, and the other two was r (More)
week 11: noticing new relations between parts
In today's workshop (week 11 Wednesday) I will introduce you to a piece of software called Korsakow. Korsakow is a piece of software that authors interactive video pieces, yet can provide a tool to notice. We will be completing More)
Review and review again
Hi everybody, This blog entry on PhD to Start up? reminds me of what I tried to get across in the doco design studio this semester in terms of bringing design methodologies int (More)
Korsakow Autoplay
To autoplay in Korsakow you type this code after line 33 in the index.html file: flashvars.kiosk = true; (More)
flash issue
If you get this Korsakow flash error in the browser: Application.onDomainLoadError: SecurityError: Error #2148 This is the fix from Florian: 1. Uninstall Flash: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/uninstall-flash-player-mac-os.html (More)
Korsakow - Florian Thalhofer interviews
Interviews with the inventor of Korsakow (video) INTERVIEW WITH FLORIAN THALHOFER at Universidade Lusófona http://korsakow.tv/interview-with-florian-thalhof (More)
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