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Network Literacy
Week three.. Networks! The first reading covered New Media, (Lister, Martin, et al), and began to explain the network that is the internet. I especially took inte (More)
Development 4.1: Four Types of Interactivity
In this final assignment, our group decided not to further develop on the previous project, rather to create an interactive work in the theme of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which we are all interested in, a fictional short film by using the (More)
Searching da web for dogz
As part of my final group project, I've decided to look around the interwebz for some inspiration. I did a google search for 'why you shouldn't buy dogs at pet stores' and the first link to come up was More)
Group Project + Week 4 = Ideas boom!
I am one of those people that half start an idea and then completely forget about it. I think it's just that I'm easily distracted. Looking through my draft posts on this blog, I found a post in regards to the reading in Week 4. The ideas raised i (More)
Revisiting Hypertext – Week 10 Reading
Audience – a valued member of any form of production or media.  This seems like a common theme throughout all of my readings at the moment.  How an audience is seemingly more important than the creator.  How an audiences' vision can outweigh what an (More)
Improving Books – Week 9 NetMed Reading
How can you mechanically improve a book? Can you? Maybe 'improve' isn't the best word.  I guess you can't really improve a book, but you can recreate this book digitally and use hypertext to link it to a multitude of arguments, ideas and contex (More)
Where am I now?
This week in Networked Media I started here: www.facebook.com/ and, I ended up here: https://www.youtube.com/user/HubbleESA/featured?noh (More)
I\'m continuously impressed with the variety of interesting material that comes out of the Networked Media students\' blogs. It\'s great to read the opinions of others, as it triggers me to form my own opinion and actually think about things - someth (More)
Kanye, Privacy & the Wikipedia Game
While searching through my colleagues\' recent blog posts, I selected three at random and will aim to link them to one another. Just as hyperlink connects foreign online material. I guess I\'ll start off with the topic of hyperlinks then. More)
Mixed Media Creative Critical Essay
Mixed Media Creative Critical Essay [1. I have attempted to create a colour coding system that relates the essay task to my personal content. The h (More)
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