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Week One ; Contemplation within Covid
The prompt to me was quite thought-provoking, so I enjoyed making this video. I have a small flat and a lot of hobbies, and fill all my time juggling between them, (More)
Week Twelve: Finalising & Reflection
  How did you address the prompt: How can we make documentary which engages in new ways of representing and experiencing the environment? One thing I really tried to play up was an immersive ex (More)
Ocean Machine
  Ocean Machine Ocean Machine tells the story of human connection to the ocean. Through the eyes of young filmmaker Zac Cause, he reminisces on his life growing up along the sandy shores of Aus (More)
Assignment 4: Links
  Week Seven More)
Week Nine: Materiality & The Environment
I struggled to come up with something for this. I tried multiple different things and was never particularly happy with the outcome. Below is one of four different experiments that I took and edited out. I was happy with aesthetically most, but it do (More)
Week Five: The Interview
This week was focusing on interviewing for documentaries. I like interviewing people, I like to listen and learn, and as an introvert, I'm always happy to take the backseat in a conversation and ask questions to provoke more words from my subject. (More)
Week One: Documenting The Environment
This week in class, we explored the ideas of what constitutes as a documentary. To me documentaries are not a black and white clear cut genre of cinema. We have mockumentaries, crime, environmental, educational and purely entertainment. Through al (More)
Week Four: Desktop Documentary
Lockdown is the new reality, and thus our course adapts to the new norm. This weeks task focuses on a form called Desktop Cinema, in which I focused on how another industry has adapted in this time. Although I myself am not that into the idea of prod (More)
Week Three: Contemplative//Ecocinema
This week we were looking into different forms of documentary; the ecocinema and contemplative imagery in poetic documentary. Ecocinema doesn't just involve documenting the environment, but it's also studying and being aware of our environmental impa (More)
Winners - RUSU Student Short Film Festival 2019 MEDIA CLEAN SWEEP
Bcomm Media Every prize! Congratulations to all and the studio leaders involved RUSU: Thank you for participating in the first-ever RUSU Student Short Film Festival! Honestly, the judging panel loved all the films that were submitted. The lev (More)
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