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Analysis/Reflection #5: Question 2
My experience with Film-TV 2 this semester has provided me with several skills that I had expected to develop, but also given me opportunities to expand my knowledge and problem-solving with some unpredictable twists happening along the way. For our (More)
Analysis/ reflection 4 - filming Lenny
Filming the Lenny in such a short time frame proved to be quite challenging. Although we took correct preparations in scouting a nearby location, sourcing actors, blocking and discussing shooting ideas, the filming didn’t seem to run as fluidly as we (More)
Analysis/ Refelction 1 \"What you want\"
Whilst undertaking Film-TV 1, I hope to gain various Film and TV production skills at least at an entry-level professional standard. I envision that the multilayered elements within the course will allow me to develop abilities in creating and implem (More)
Analyis/ Reflection 2 - \"Sound Design\"
Clown Train - Sound Design The sound design used in the film Clown Train creates an eerie, somewhat disturbing feeling whilst developing anticipati (More)
Student Fictional Film - Coffee & π
As a part of RMIT’s Film TV 1 specialization, a group of students and myself produced a short, fictional film. The course criteria required our team to complete all of the filming in one day. This proved to be a challenging task, however it encourage (More)
Analysis/ reflection 3 - \"Shoot to Edit\"
I was unable to attend the week 3 lecture that focused on the ‘shoot to edit’ technique, however I have done some research as to some of the advantages the tactic can bring along with how to adapt the filming approach. Videoeditor.com describes the ‘ (More)
Analysis/ reflection four - lighting
Robin’s week six lecture on lighting was technically informative as well as brought to light (no pun intended) things to consider when selecting and creating the lighting environment for our films. I found that a lot of the points Robin made were gen (More)
Analysis/ reflection five – Lighting Lecture
In our week seven lecture on lighting, Robin provided the class with a run down on how to apply lighting as well as useful information on the lighting environment in relation to filming. An important note that I took away from the lecture was to know (More)
Analysis/ Reflection Five - Points from Readings
The director and the actor. In Mackendrick, A. On film-making : an introduction to the craft of the director, (p. 179-194). London : Faber and Faber, 2004. The author speaks of the controversial issue in the film industry on how much the actor sho (More)
Analysis/ Reflection - Blow Up
In Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film, ‘Blow Up’, the director would have had to coordinate the extensive movement and blocking of the actors within (More)
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