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Reflections on Film Festival Culture | MEDIA 3 - THE FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE
Post One | What were the key insights about staging film festivals in Australia you took from visiting a film festival? Films are possibly quite the most significant entertainment source that we often engage in our everyday life. We would regularly (More)
Prompt 2 | The lonely 'wounded' hero | Getting Into Character
In the reading materials provided in Week 2, The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler talks about the different characteristics of various archetypes that exist in storytelling and with the structure of how the audience would follow the hero's jour (More)
Prompt 1 | 'HUZZAH!' - Peter's Language | Getting Into Character
Photo: Hulu When watching entertainment, there would always be a certain film character that we would remember standing out to us. Whether or not it was the way that they talk, dress or a spe (More)
Prompt 3 | Relentless revelation | Getting Into Character
In the TV series 'The Great', Peter the third or also known as the Emperor of Russia is left to rule Russia following under the shadow after the death of his father, Peter the Great. And he is to find a wife from aristocratic blood to be his companio (More)
Blog 11
Final Reflection   What you have learnt about the representation of place, the role of memory, the construction of identity Th (More)
Blog 12
Reading Reflections   Jones, Owain and Garde-Hansen, Joanne (eds) 2012 : Geography and Memory: Explorations in identity, place and becoming, Palgrave Macmillan, New York   This text aims to shift the focus from collective me (More)
Blog 10
This is the week of the final film submission. I thought I'd reflect upon the past few weeks and the struggles we've had at bringing this film to life.   Firstly, we failed to tick the mark on some elements relating to the course. Our film (More)
Blog 9
After 1 year of collating ideas and putting it off, I've finally started writing a script for a short series/feature length project of mine.   I've spent my first (and probably last) year living in Melbourne by making my own works, learnin (More)
Blog 8
We're currently in the process of creating our documentary piece. A week ago, we shot our subject, a longtime good friend of mine who is now with the Australian Ballet School, and although I have worked with interview subjects before, even him, I've (More)
Blog 7
Yesterday, I was an extra on the long running Australian soap, Neighbours. As an extra, your job isn't particularly challenging, so mainly I was able to just take in all of the elements of a major scale drama production. Some things I noticed, partic (More)
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