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Fact Check – Assignment 1
Week 1 – Fake News, Disinformation and Misinformation W (More)
Fact Check – Week 3 Reflection
RMIT offers a 'micro-credential' called Fact Check, which was created to teach students some media literacy skills, particularly being able to check whether a news source is accurate and trustworthy. It also shows students how to discern when picture (More)
Fact Check – Week 2 Reflection
Article chosen: RMIT ABC Fact Check 2020, 'Was former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate correct when she said taxpayers' money wasn't used to purchase Cartier watches?' ABC News, 18 December, viewed 11 March 2021, <More)
Platform Video - Video Sketch 2 Reflection
My interview with Patrick was filmed vertically on my iPhone and later edited in Premier Pro. In the editing process I removed some of the larger pauses and made the responses shorter and more co (More)
Platform Video - Video Sketch 3 Reflection
Interviewing Isabella over Zoom presented some interesting challenges and opportunities. This saw the audio and visual quality traded in for the ease and accessibility of video calling. Though th (More)
Platform Video - Video Sketch 1 Reflection
My interview with Mark was done using the Instagram Live feature. Though this gave me less control over the content itself as no editing was able to take place, the format of the live video allow (More)
Platform Video - Week 3 Practice Analysis
In promoting Alfredo Jaar’s ‘The Divine Comedy’ exhibition, Mona Museum’s IGTV shared a promotional video of the same title capturing the spirit of the piece. Mona's in-house media team are clear (More)
Platform Video - Week 2 Practice Analysis
London’s Hayward Gallery’s mini doc with Emma Talbot, titled ‘Winter Light – Emma Talbot ✨’ explores Talbot’s installation ‘Birds, Freedom, a feature of the gallery’s upcoming exhibition, (More)
Fact Check – Week 1 Reflection
From my understanding, fake news is a type of media that is designed to deceive some casual media consumers into believing a certain viewpoint. A fake news piece is designed to emulate legitimate news sources, but contain fabricated reports. Fake new (More)
Platform Video - Week 1 Practice Analysis
VICE Asia’s mini doc video ‘Are Indonesian Universities Failing to Protect the Victims of Sexual Assault?’ (published on YouTube 7 May 2019) explores within 15 minutes a complex human-interest (More)
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