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Assessment 3
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The Final Reflection | Assessment Three
It's over and we can all finally take a breath of fresh air. Wow, what an experience this Film Festival has been- both good an bad. Over the last 12 weeks, I think it is safe to say that not only myself but everyone has learnt a lot about not only (More)
Assignment Two | Week 7 Reflection
Until It Turns Black dir. Anastasiia Falileieva Still trawling through all the sub (More)
Assignment Two | Week 6 Reflection
This week we had a guest lecture and Q&A with Mia Falstein-Rush, the Submissions & Shorts Programmer at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). Honestly, I thought having Mia in to talk about her experiences with both MIFF and her o (More)
Assessment 2
Portfolio of Experiments: Interview (Week 1) What went well in this exercise: Got a pretty good idea of how the equipment works (I hadn't used them before). What didn't go so well/things to work on: Lighting could be improved. Very echoey (More)
Assessment 1
Part A: Analysis Ugly Delicious is an eight-part docuseries produced by Netflix and directed by Eddie Schmidt. Each episode follows the host - Michelin-starred chef David Cheng - as he tracks the origins of popular foods and the modifications that (More)
Assignment One | Reflections
Lectures and Insights   Listening to Richard Sowada’s lecture, I had a lot of questions, questions I didn't even know I had, answered about what it is like to run a film festival and its initial stages of conception. Sowada's knowledge and insigh (More)
Assessment 2 - Review
[emb (More)
Assignment Three | The Edits
Part One: Smokers - In class exercise Using a script from class, we were assigned groups and set out to film the short scene. As many of us were fairly new to the 'proper' practises of a shoot. Taking turns producing, acting, directing etc. (More)
Assignment Two | Learning, Learning, Still Learning.
Part One: While I deviated slightly from the original storyboard- that is that there should be no cut between Sterling and Nathaniel (Nath) between the initial phone call, I personally believe that this interplay between Nath and Sterling hang (More)
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