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Assessment 2 - Summary Reflection
This course has definitely been interesting, to say the very least. There has been a lot happening with the lockdowns and the pandemic and everything that's been going on that it's sometimes hard to focus on the work and assignments and what I'm putt (More)
Non-Representational Theory - Presentation, Assessment 1
Presentation Major Quote “Try again, fail again, fail better.” – Samuel Beckett Beckett was a lead practioner with the theatre style Theatre of the Absu (More)
Assignment 1 examples - weekly submissions
This studio blends assignment 1 and 2, requiring weekly submissions that together make up the two assignments.   ASSIGNMENT#1 & ASSIGNMENT#2 [5 videos + short reflections worth 6% each - 30% of your studio grade in total) For the first (More)
Assignment 1 example - early thinking about studio concepts
This assignment asks students to begin to articulate their thoughts about what they think the studio is, and to develop some research and media making that explores some aspect of the studio's core ideas. ASSIGNMENT 1 Please write a post that c (More)
Assignment 2 example - reflection, film analysis, making
This assignment is a collection of different activities, including reflecting on in-class work, in-class exams, analysing an existing film, and developing some media work of the student's own. ASSIGNMENT 2 Submitting your Assignment You must (More)
Assignment 2 examples - collection of small works
This assignment asks the students to reflect on an earlier gathering of small exploratory works, and create more work to form a deliberate collection around a theme they have chosen or identified in their work. ASSIGNMENT #2: Collection of small med (More)
Assignment 1 examples - weekly exploratory exercises
This studio forms an assignment from weekly media making exercises that are started in class and finished outside of class, along with weekly blog reflections. ASSIGNMENT #1: Weekly exercises and reflection (15%) - Due Friday 11.59pm, 9 August (Week (More)
How assessment works in Media Studios
The posts in this collection bring together guides for developing and writing assessments in media studio teaching. The assignment structure for studios takes an iterative or itinerative approach. Early assignments generally ask students to start (More)
Progression of assessment across the semester
Below are listed some examples of the ways in which studio leaders of organised assessments across the semester, showing different approaches to how ideas and practical skills are developed over time. Some studios also have one or two of their indivi (More)
Example of Work - Travel Writer
I have recently accepted a job as Domain Review Magazine Travel Writer. This is a sample of my work.   MORNING PENINSULA  Being just over an hour from Melbourne CBD, Mornington Peninsula provides all the essentials for an ultimate getaw (More)
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