If you are doing a  Media Studio you will require a Media Factory Blog

To get one please fill out this Form. Please read the instructions carefully.
You need to be in your RMIT account to access. The easiest way is to log into your RMIT google drive. That will log you into your RMIT google account. Being logged into your google drive means you can access google forms.
Or, do you have your Gmail or google drive open in your personal email? If so, log out of that.
Or, open a new browser and in the top right and add your RMIT account
I would suggest having one browser (eg Chrome) for your RMIT email and google drive and another (eg Firefox or Safari) for your personal stuff.
Lastly, you may need to delete (or eat) your cookies

When the form is filled out we’ve got to convert it to a spreadsheet then upload it to the blog creationist site then you will get an email with a username and password.

This might take a few days. Don’t let this delay stop you writing. Write somewhere else then upload it your blog when you receive it.


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Material is expected to comply with appropriate legal and ethical standards of practice for online media, and Australian law. If not your blog will be taken down