Sem 1 2022 Media Studio Descriptions and Ballot Form

Please read ALL OF THIS POST to the end and take the time to digest it before you go to the ballot link – apologies for the length but it is all relevant. 

Only students enrolled/enrolling in MEDIA 3 and MEDIA 5 in Sem 1 2022 should fill in the ballot (not Media 1).

It is not ‘first in, first served’ so take your time to read the studio descriptions before filling in the form.

The ballot closes Tuesday 25 Jan (11.59pm)
(If you miss the ballot you will be allocated to a studio where places remain available).

Please ensure you select a different studio for each of your three preferences. If you select the same studio more than once you will be placed in a different studio at the Studio Coordinator’s discretion.

This is not a guaranteed *selection* but an indication of preference – you may not get your first or second choice. Don’t sweat it – all of the studios are great and missing out on a particular one this semester won’t ruin your degree experience or CV.

In semester 1 we will run:
5 studios taught ONLINE ONLY
12 studios taught ON CAMPUS (these will combine face-to-face and online sessions)

You should not preference any of the ON CAMPUS studios if you will not be in Melbourne for any part of semester 1 or do not want to attend campus.

Here is the Media Studios description book: STUDIO DESCRIPTIONS SEM 1 2022

Here is the timetable – each studio has two classes per week (3 hour + 2 hour) and you need to be available to attend both of them:

Studio prac1 time room prac2 time room
DIRECTING PERFORMANCE Investigating acting performance as a core component on screen – ONLINE Tue 11.30- 2.30 (3hr) Online Thu 1.30-3.30 (2hrs) Online
DOING MOBILE MEDIA Practice, Placemaking and Performativity – ONLINE Tue 1.30-4.30 (3hrs) Online Wed 1.30-3.30 (2hrs) Online
FIX THE APP Understanding platforms with social theories; designing apps to make them better to live with – ONLINE Mon 1.30-4.30 (3hrs) Online Thu 1.30-3.30 (2hrs) Online
FUTURE MACHINA Creating Contemporary Futurology with Film, Video, Audio & Immersive Art – ONLINE Tue 1.30-4.30 (3hrs) Online Thu 1.30-3. 30 (2hrs) Online
PRODUCTION ON A SHOESTRING How financial constraints enable distinct creative solutions – ONLINE Tue 1.30-4.30 (3hrs) Online Thu 1.30-3.30 (2hrs) Online
AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL MEDIA Making media art about the internet and the self – ON CAMPUS Tue 2.30-5.30 (3hrs) 010.02.062 Fri 11.30-1.30 (2hrs) 010.02.062
ECO VIDEO Crafting ecological intimacy – ON CAMPUS Mon 9.30-12.30 (3hrs) 010.02.062 Fri 11.30-1.30 (2hrs) 012.02.104
MAKE HASTE! FILM WASTE! – Communicating the circular economy – ON CAMPUS Wed 12.30-2.30 (2hrs) 010.02.062 Fri 2.30-5.30 (3hrs) 012.02.104
MEDIA BODIES Exploring film and sound with technology, place and the body – ON CAMPUS Tue 9.30-12.30 (3hrs) 012.02.104 Thu 11.30-1.30 (2hrs) 010.02.062
READY CAMERA ONE Multi-camera studio production – ON CAMPUS Mon 12.30-2.30 (2hrs) 010.02.062 Thu 12.30-3.30 (3hrs) 012.02.104
REAL TO REEL Self directed non-fiction project – ON CAMPUS Tue 12.30-2.30 (2hrs) 012.02.104 Thu 2.30-5.30 (3hrs) 010.02.062
ROOM WITH A VIEW Broadcast radio as a collaborative space and enduring audio medium – ON CAMPUS Mon 12.30-3.30 (3hrs) 012.02.104 Thu 3.30-5.30 (2hrs) 012.02.104
SOCIAL VIDEO Designing and producing social video for art galleries – ON CAMPUS Tue 9.30-12.30 (3hrs) 010.02.062 Wed 3.30-5.30 (2hrs) 012.02.104
THE FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE Conceiving and mounting a film festival – ON CAMPUS Wed 9.30-12.30 (3hrs) 010.02.062 Fri 9.30-11.30 (2hrs) 010.02.062
THE SCENE IN CINEMA Studies in camera coverage – ON CAMPUS Mon 9.30-12.30 (3hrs) 012.02.104 Thu 9.30-11.30 (2hrs) 010.02.062
THINKING WITH PICTURES The personal essay film – ON CAMPUS Tue 2.30-5.30 (3hrs) 012.02.104 Fri 1.30-3.30 (2hrs) 010.02.062
TO BE AT SEA Making site-responsive media in uncertain times – ON CAMPUS Wed 2.30-5.30 (3hrs) 010.02.062 Fri 3.30-5.30 (2hrs) 010.02.062



Allocations will be finalised and posted on the Mediafactory site on Friday 28th Jan (5pm) (apologies – running a day late)

Don’t preference tutorial times for your other courses (context and electives) that take place at the same times as your studio. Your studio class times will automatically be entered for you in your timetable (but possibly not until after the preferencing period).

Do not try to select your studio in timetable preferencing –  the media studio ballot process happens outside of, and is separate to this. You are not permitted/able to change your studio in myTimetable. 

Timetable preferencing is open for your other courses from Friday 28 Jan (and, again, is not ‘first in, first served’ so there is no rush).


Remember that all lectures are online and/or recorded so those kinds of clashes shouldn’t be an issue.

Requests for studio swaps are only possible in genuinely exceptional circumstances – and these do not include clashes with paid work, internship opportunities, wanting to reduce days in and/or travel time and so on. We appreciate these things are important and real issues but the numbers of students involved in the studios make post-allocation swaps unfeasible and the current system is as equitable as we can get it.

Any questions about particular studios should be sent in the first instance to Studio Co-Coordinators (please address to both):

Dan Binns,

Paul Ritchard,

Thanks for reading to the (almost) end!

>>>THIS IS THE LINK TO THE BALLOT FORM where you should enter your preferences.

Studio Co-Coordinators