Semester 1 2020 Media Studio descriptions and Ballot Form

Please READ ALL of this to the end and take the time to digest it – apologies for the length but it is all relevant.

Some things to note:

  • Only students enrolled/enrolling in MEDIA 3 and MEDIA 5 in Sem 1 2020 should fill in the ballot. (Don’t fill it in if you are only doing MEDIA 1 – we have other plans for you!).
  • The ballot is not ‘first in, first served’ so take a little time to read and consider the studio descriptions before filling in. You can adjust your preferences while the ballot is still open.

Download the  Media Studios Book Sem 1 2020.

For the ballot:

  • The ballot will close 11.59pm on FRIDAY, 31 JANUARY. Any entries after this time and date won’t count for the allocation process.
  • Please ensure you select a different studio for each of your three preferences. If you select the same studio more than once this will render your vote invalid and you will be placed in a different studio at the Studio Coordinator’s discretion.
  • This is not a guaranteed *selection* but an indication of preferencedepending on what is popular you may not get your first or second choice of studio. Don’t sweat it – all of the studios are great and missing out on a particular one this semester won’t ruin your degree experience or CV.
  • We reserve the right to not allocate students to new studios led by staff who have taught them in a studio before. If a studio is similar to one you’ve done before then it is advisable not to nominate it as a preference. Variety is important for everyone.

Any questions about particular studios should be sent in the first instance to Studio Co-Coordinators:
Brian Morris, &
Paul Ritchard

[no, you haven’t missed it … the ballot link is coming … ]]

You must submit your response from/while logged in to  YOUR RMIT email account:

>>>THIS IS THE LINK TO BALLOT FORM where you should enter your preferences.


    • Wed 5 Feb – Students advised of their studio allocations including class days and times [these will be automatically entered in your myTimetable]
    • Mon (5pm) 10 Feb – Timetable preferencing for your other courses closes (note that this system is not ‘first in, first served’ either)
    • Mon 17 Feb – myTimetable re-opens for adjustment/re-allocation of your other courses (studio changes not permitted)
    • Mon 2 Mar – semester one classes begin

**Do not fill in any preferences/times etc for your Media 3 or Media 5 course in myTimetable preferencing at any stage** – these will be pre-filled for you after that initial timetable system preferencing period finishes on 10 February.

Thanks for reading to the end!