Media Studio ALLOCATIONS – Sem 2 2019

Here is the Allocation list for semester 2 media studios and here is the Timetable_Media Studios Sem 2 2019_3 Jul (updated ).

You should now enter or adjust your myTimetable preferences before next Monday (1/7) at 5pm.

*PLEASE DON’T ENTER OR ATTEMPT TO CHANGE YOUR MEDIA 2/MEDIA 4 (STUDIO) TIMES*as these will automatically be entered for you. Don’t click, change, touch or think about them – please. They will automatically entered for you.

For all your other courses where you can preference classes make sure you don’t pick times that clash with your two studio classes (as per the timetable you can download in this post).

If there is still a clash with a context lecture/screening or an elective course you will need to change the other course (your core Media course, aka the studio, is first priority – it is a BComm Media degree you’re studying for … ). Often you can take those other courses in a different semester.

We’d appreciate if don’t write asking for a change of studio because you don’t think it is the right one for you – the allocation doesn’t/can’t work like that. We allocate as fairly as we can based on what we get in terms of preferences and its a complicated beast – but it works pretty well overall in terms of the feedback we’ve had

. All the studios are wonderful. They offer lots of opportunities to pursue work and ideas that interest you within their specific frame. This degree gives so much more choice than any comparative Media production degree in Australia – keep that in perspective.

Here is the Media Studios Book Sem 2 2019 link again.

Happy studio-ing


Brian Morris

Paul Ritchard

(Studio Co-Coordinators)