Sem 2 2019 Media Studio Descriptions and Ballot

Please read all of this and take the time to digest it – apologies for the length but it is all relevant.

Some things to note:

  • Only students enrolled/enrolling in MEDIA 2 and MEDIA 4 in Sem 2 2019 should fill in the ballot. (Don’t fill it in if you are only doing MEDIA 6 – we have other plans for you!).
  • The ballot is not ‘first in, first served’ so take a little time to read the studio descriptions before filling in. You can adjust your preferences while the ballot is still open.

Here is the Media Studios Book Sem 2 2019 link.

For the ballot:

  • The ballot will close 11.59pm on WEDNESDAY, 19 JUNE. Any entries after this time and date will be disregarded.
  • Please ensure you select a different studio for each of your three preferences. If you select the same studio more than once this will render your vote invalid and you will be placed in a studio at the Studio Coordinator’s discretion.
  • This is not a guaranteed *selection* but an indication of preference – you may not get your first or second choice. Don’t sweat it – all of the studios are great and missing out on a particular one this semester won’t ruin your degree experience or CV. Many comparable media degrees give absolutely NO choice in the kind of classes you might take as well as minimal electives – so we think you get a pretty fair shake of the sauce bottle in the BComm Media.
  • We reserve the right to not allocate students to new studios led by staff who have taught them in a studio before. If a studio is similar to one you’ve done before then it is advisable not to nominate it as a preference. Variety is important for everyone.

Any questions about particular studios should be sent in the first instance to Studio Co-Coordination, Brian Morris,

[no, you haven’t missed it … the ballot link is coming … but first …]

You must submit your response from YOUR RMIT google account:
The easiest way is to log into your RMIT google drive. We’d suggest having one browser (eg Chrome) for your RMIT email and google drive and another (eg Firefox or Safari) for your personal stuff. You may need to log out of your other personal google accounts before logging in to your RMIT google drive.

>>>THIS IS THE LINK TO THE BALLOT FORM where you should enter your preferences.


    • Studio descriptions released:  Wed 5pm, 12 June
    • Studio ballot is open:  Thurs, 13 June – Wed 19 June, 11.59pm
    • Allocations released:  Mon 5pm, 24 June

TIMETABLE – preferencing for second semester is open from 19 June – 01 July  [Semester 2 begins Mon, 22 July]. It is not ‘first in, first served’.

**Do not fill in any preferences/times etc for your Media 2 or Media 4 course in Timetable preferencing at any stage** – these will be pre-filled for you by us/timetabling after that initial preferencing period finishes on 01 July.

->Just make sure you enter preference times for Story, Place and Media and your context course that do not clash with your allocated studio – once notified on 24 June.

(*And a reminder for students new to studios, the studio *is* your Media 2 or Media 4 class for the semester – there isn’t anything extra. You will just have the two scheduled classes each week for the studio. For your information, here is a copy of the semester 2 studio timetable (still subject to change) for semester 2. It might not be obvious but we definitely don’t allocate students according to their timetable preferences).

One final, FINAL thing – the streaming of studios:

This semester we’re beginning to implement a process by which the studios are badged in the descriptions as belonging to one of three streams: craftcommunityconceptual.

It builds on our recognition of patterns of past studios in terms of their orientations to production, media studies etc; staff discussions about what approaches characterise the BComm Media; and student feedback and requests to do something similar to this in terms of signalling what kind of studio they are preferencing.

Here are some initial parameters which will obviously evolve as we iterate.

  • craft  – studios that have the exploration of a specific media form, genre or set of making techniques at their heart (though they still draw on appropriate theories – practice-based and scholarly to drive that making)
  • community – any studio involved in a partnership with an organisation external to the University; any studio involving a collaboration with another program at RMIT
  • conceptual – have a strong emphasis on concepts/ideas which drive the making in the studio: often in these studios students will have quite a degree of choice in the media form that they can explore those concepts through

This is a transitional semester for the streaming. We’re moving eventually to a system where we may require students to take at least one studio from each stream. But we won’t be making that compulsory for current students. 

Happy reading and preferencing. Thanks for reading to the end!