Sem 2 2019 Studio allocation + timetable timeline

This only applies to students who will be enrolled in Media 2 and Media 4 . (If you are going in to Media 6 you’re doing something different to a studio in your final Media ‘capstone’ course).

    • Studio descriptions released:  Wed 5pm, 12 June
    • Studio ballot is open:  Thurs midday, 13 June – Wed 19 June, 11.59pm
    • Allocations released:  Mon 5pm, 24 June

TIMETABLE – preferencing is open from 19 June – 01 July  [Semester 2 begins Mon, 22 July]

Do not fill in any preferences/times etc for your Media 2 or Media 4 course in Timetable preferencing – these will be pre-filled for you after that initial preferencing period finishes. Just make sure you enter preference times for Story, Place and Media and your context course that do not clash with your allocated studio (once notified).

**NOTE – the Studio Ballot and University Timetable Preference system are not ‘first in, first served’.**

The studio ballot form will be available at this website on the day it opens. You will need to be logged in to your rmit email/google account and logged out of any other google accounts to have permission to access it.

REMINDERS and NOTIFICATIONS will be posted on this site as well as sent to your student email (though that depends on you being correctly and currently enrolled in Media 2 and Media 4 for semester 2).

Inquiries to the Studio Co-Coordinators – Brian Morris and Paul Ritchard.