Shooting and Recording

So last Friday we met up to record and discuss the format of which we’d like to shoot our video log. We figured we didn’t need any high end equipment because we were shooting a video that is meant to reflect the resistance, so the quality wasn’t meant to be perfect. We had a few issues with lighting but we got around that with our phones.

Now our audio wouldn’t be perfect either, but it wouldn’t meet our expectations if we simply recorded it with the video – so we decided to record the audio separate and just sync it with the video. It was fine because we kept the character in the shadows so we couldn’t actually see him speak.

Although the initial idea was for me to play the leader (both video and audio), I decided that I couldn’t fulfill that role as well as I liked to. As a result, I asked a friend of mine who’s had a bit of experience in the past do the voice for me, and it did prove more effective than myself at least.

Everything at the moment in terms of video and audio is now in post production. I’m taking it through Sony Vegas to manipulate the voice and video, as well as add effects and whatnot.

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