Raath Rebellion Refinement

In the upcoming weeks we’ve finalized the scripts and the narrative structure for our escape room-esque narrative. Our puzzles have become more refined in that we’ve fleshed out each puzzles to be included in the narrative.

We’ve removed 1 character from the playable roles as a result because we couldn’t find a particular use for him in terms of puzzles. However, the character himself (the doctor) remains a crucial part in shaping our narrative. The puzzles are essentially split into 3 particular departments in which the player must choose between (The hacker, tactician and comms/spec ops).

The hacker puzzles we’ve created to be password and code deciphering since the story revolves around a security lock down, the mastermind’s puzzles revolves around finding clues that hint towards the time at which the explosive device will go off and the comms/spec ops will be in charge of an espionage-esque role which involves finding clues that pertain to the location of the bomb.

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