Story Smash

So in today’s tute, we did a group activity called ‘Story Smash’ where we were meant to be able to create a universe based on the story ideas each group member had.

It was quite difficult in terms of trying to link each story together especially because they were all based in different time periods and settings. One was set in the 17th century which revolved around a serial killer – a crime and mystery story. Another was set in the modern world where an ex-girlfriend becomes crazy and begins to plan a murder of the wife her ex-boyfriend had married. And finally my story revolved around a war against an alien species who had invaded and conquered earth in an attempt to splice parts of their DNA together with human DNA in order to combat their rapid aging bodies and become a stronger species.

We thought of 2 plot ideas where a solider fighting in the resistance discovers that the DNA the aliens had spliced came from certain individuals in history – one from the serial killer and one from a psychopathic woman. The story unfolds as the solider, in between missions, delves deeper into their history and discovers why the aliens became interested in their DNA.

Another plot we had involves the aliens actually observing the planet’s inhabitants for centuries before finally invading. During the observation process they abducted people of interest as they observed their actions and character traits – a serial killer with a knack for aggression and deception and a woman who’s brain structure was fundamentally different from other humans which led to unpredictability and psychopathic tenancies. These people were found frozen in stasis on a ship by resistance soldiers who then freed them in hope that they would cooperate with them and utilize their skills to combat the alien forces.

Types of media we can incorporate:

  • Journals/diaries from the past
  • New technology – audio/video logs
  • Social networks

In terms of how this has expanded my outlook and idea of how I can enhance and create my Transmedia story, I figured I could use hard copy journals and diaries from the soldiers fighting in the resistance army while also using new technological medias such as social networks and video/audio uploading and sharing networks.

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