Project 4 Final Prototype



Our final end product titled ‘Gamer Feed’ encompasses most of the positives effects and features we have experimented with over the course of the project. The main features include including gifs and placing a hashtag on them to create a trend, an idea which we have shared to other individuals in an attempt to create a collaborative community.

How we utilized caption has also changed in the fact that rather than using mentions and replies to gain suggestions from the community, instead we allowed people themselves to create and publish their own content based on the idea we expressed.

The end result was a massive gaming feed we managed to create under the hashtag ‘JustGTAThings’ that included a wide range of images and gifs made from us, reposted by us and content created by other people (mostly friends willing to help out).

Note: You actually need to be logged in as me in order to really get an idea of what we were trying to achieve, simply going on my twitter page will only display my content, fortunately though I have created a video showcasing our final work.

Overall I think we managed to explore gaming in a way that hasn’t really been achieved, although I don’t think it’s anything ground breaking, I do believe we’ve stumbled across a unique way to explore gaming as a genre – using highlights to collaborate with the community in an instantaneous social network.

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