Friday Week 12 Reflection

Prior to presentation I had expanded on this notion of community, although at this point as Seth suggested, it’s more of a collaboration involving different mediums to express the same concept made by different people including us.



What we did was expand further into using hashtags in order to better collaborate with other gamers. Although we have explored this previously, we expanded on this idea by essentially creating an example of what we’re trying to achieve – by having other friends help us by replying and using the same hashtag to create a collaboration within that specific idea (being #JustGTAThings). The replies and mentions also make it much easier to connect with each other and forming a stronger community with one another – this process isn’t restricted by gif files, as long the work produced relates to the idea we’re trying to enforce it’ll all go towards this notion of collaboration.

As for feedback, there are a couple of things we need to work on, first of all our prototype is nearing completion, the only thing we’re deciding to improve on is the diversity of mediums involved when creating a collaboration within the twitter community. E.g. instead of gifs, we’ll look more into also adding screenshots labeled with replies, mentions and hashtags as well as simply tweets that may contain options for suggestions and anything else related to the tag.

What we need to work on specifically however is the report, we need to clarify our process and go into detail about what we’re trying to achieve and how it’s done as well as the purpose of what we’re trying to create. Also giving our prototype a title which we haven’t really though about just yet. Essentially what really needs to be worked on for us is our presentation and explanation.



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