OVE Project 2 Sketch 5

In this sketch I’ve decided to use found footage in-game to try and see if I could combine it with the structure of a Vine video, more specifically however, to see if I’m able to compress it down to 6 seconds (typical Vine duration).

Here I’m working with the same equipment, however I’m focusing on creating something that really feels like a Vine – duration and style/format which is very difficult to do using in-game found footage. This is because when recording a game, for starters you don’t really know what’s going to happen most of the time and for a game such as this (Counter-strike), it takes time to be able to do anything really worth while, so to compress it all into 6 seconds seems near impossible. However, I did end up managing to do it only because some friends and I were mucking around, not really taking the game seriously. This makes it easier because there’s much more content I can pick out from and cut together to create a comedic Vine video.

This time I made sure to use Fraps to record both the voice and the in-game audio, the program I used to communicate with my friends is TeamSpeak 3 – a program specifically designed to give you the best communication between peers whilst in-game as it only captures sound when a person is speaking as opposed to skype in which sound is constantly captures. Personally I think this combination works, however, if I were to improve anything from this it would be plan or even write a script that I could perform in-game to make it even easier to create a 6 second video.

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