OVE Rough Sketch Presentation Reflection

Today in class it became clearer on what I needed to work on in terms of reflecting on my sketches is being able to inform the audience/readers what they are watching as well as the technicality behind it – equipment being used etc.

However, a possibly bigger issue about reflecting something like gaming is explaining copyright issues and ethical issues. I’ll need to explain and given an outline to the type of audiences ‘suited’ to play/watch this kind of content, despite the internet being a mostly free online space, as a media student – in this profession i’ll need to be able to explain and outline ethical issues to avoid any offense that may be taken by the panelists or possible (very unlikely though) the game company itself.

TL:DR | Issues to address/outline:

  • Classification (what age group is appropriate for this content)
  • Technicality (what kind of equipment did I use in the production process)
  • Concept (what am I exploring/trying to do in this piece)
  • Copyright (outline how far copyright laws may go in terms of using footage from games and maybe even music)
  • Context (referring to copyright and classification in terms of explaining how the gaming community and video sharing have become a new issue/concept).
  • Exploration/Understanding (why am I trying to experiment in certain ways, for what purpose may these video experiments be for?)
  • Terminology (be sure to use correct terminology for certain techniques/equipment etc.)


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