OVE Project 2 – Sketch Concept(s)

For our sketches, our group has decided to choose this particular form of online video (seen below) – videos such as vines where the duration is intended for a simple 6 second view before the viewer moves on, typically to another video. Given the context of this video in relation to previous definitions of what makes an online video, it would be placed under the genre of a comedic microvideo. Our sketches will be based on the several aspects of what creates a video such as this, the comedic element, how it’s structured and especially how long these videos typically are.

Vine Video we’re using as an example.

What Apple and I have decided to try and work on is a mixture of a Vine video with the gaming genre, however, because Apple doesn’t have access to equipment that can fully bring out the potential in a gaming video, I’ll be focusing on sketches involving in-game recording and found footage whereas Apple may be experimenting with aspects from a Vine video itself – such as duration, style, etc.

An example of a gaming video that may be adapted into a short 6-20 second clip is shown below:

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