OVE Project 2 Sketch 1

A video experimenting with the Vine style format with the gaming genre. Specifically, the style of a Vine being mainly focused on expression and reaction cut together rapidly during editing. It’s not quite the duration of a Vine but it’s still a relatively short video with duration of around only 17 seconds.

I’ve decided to work with a dslr camera, mainly because of convenience as recording something like this on a phone would be a pain, specifically because you can’t really mount a phone onto anywhere to adjust height especially if we’re limited on helpers. So in terms of technicality, in order to get the simple close up shots of our reactions, a friend and I took shots of each other and as for the gameplay footage itself, I used a simple DIY (do it yourself) technique of placing the camera on top of a couple of books, keeping it stationary, stable and unmanned yet adjusted for the height of the television screen. As for editing, I use Sony Vegas 13 because I’m familiar with it more than most other editing software.

What I found could work better in this video was the audio quality, not really for the live-action footage but rather the game footage. I’d either have to increase the volume of the television if I’m planning on recording like this in the future or else I’d have to use in-game footage with crisper audio quality because in a gaming video, the audio quality tends to be a major factor in how well the video is portrayed. Also I could probably work on decreasing the duration to 6 seconds like a regular Vine video, however, what I’m really working with here is just working with a Vine video format and merging it with certain aspects of gaming – being a full shot of the gameplay itself.


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