OVE Project One – Online Video…What is that?

Online Video Analysis Criteria

  1. The level of gameplay is shown

The level of gameplay shown comes from a high level MLG (Major league gaming) player – specifically KennyS. The reason for this is because audiences tend to watch videos expecting the extraordinary as opposed to the ordinary. The title alone is titled ‘…Best of KennyS’ which implies to those who don’t know KennyS that he must be an extraordinary player to have an entire video dedicated to his level of skill. This also applies to those who do know who KennyS is, who come to watch the video expecting to be amazed.

  1. How well sound(s) are edited and mixed into the video, i.e. music.

The sound is mixed into compliment each other, made to synchronize with the video despite the gameplay sound and music overlapping, it creates a video we can really get engaged into where the sound is pleasant to listen to.

  1. How smooth the footage is (frame rates/fps).

When making gaming videos such as this, it all depends on how well it’s recorded, frame rate/fps particularly is one of the most important factors that define a good gaming video. This video in particular runs on a stable 60 frames per second which gives a nice smooth feel to it whereas if it was recorded in 30fps or lower, it would seem choppy and unpleasant.

  1. Quality of edited footage (the way the clips are placed together).

The clips themselves are nice and short, they showcase highlights of KennyS’ gaming career and this in turn keeps the audiences captivated and engaged. The fact that he also softens the sounds and allows commentary adds diversity to keep the audiences engaged as well as adds to the whole ‘wow’ factor. The duration is quite short for a reason; audiences attention tend to stray after seeing clips like these over and over again, despite adding different types of edits into the montage, there are a limited amount of things one can do to keep the audience captivated in a video like this.

  1. Resolution Quality (HD)

Another major factor to take in consideration in a gaming video is the resolution of which the game is recorded in. In most cases depending on how well one’s gaming/recording equipment is, people would rather try to record a game in 1080p on the highest video settings, reason for this is for audiences to get a clear crisp video as opposed to a pixelated one.

  1. Usage of in-game camera angles.

By implementing his own camera angles, Sparkles is able to add another dimension to the video, rather than having one perspective to work with the entire video, he’s able to utulize the fact that he can download the game itself and record from the area allows for diversity, giving him the ability to showcase certain moments more effectively.

  1. Choice of footage

In this case, these clips stemmed from KennyS’ gaming experience, showcasing the major plays he’s made in his career, these are to wow the audience, to demonstrate and showcase his skill’s when it comes to the game.

  1. How does it engage the audience

Given the context of the video, one can assume this is targeted towards an audience of gamers, not specifically CS(Counter-strike), but any gamer in general. However, the larger portion of the audience tend to be experienced gamers or gamers familiar with the FPS (First Person Shooter Genre). This level of gameplay as well engages the audience, it showcases what the majority of gamers couldn’t hope to achieve without tireless effort and hard work.

  1. How the video is edited

The video is fast paced, it keeps the audience on edge it’s edited in a way that gives the audience little to no time to think about what they had just seen, in some cases it’s edited to show the same clip again in slow motion as to add to the whole ‘wow’ factor, to allow the audience time to comprehend the clip.

  1. Choice of sound/music

Gaming videos tend to adopt different types and genres of music depending on how the game is played, how fast the game is paced. Specifically CS is a very fast paced game that heavily relies on the player’s reaction, precision and teamwork. Being such a fast paced game, Sparkles has deemed an upbeat electro-house soundtrack to go with the video, even managing to sync up the tempo of the music with the tempo of the editing and gameplay itself.

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