It is now time to void the vile and unremitting concern that my musings are totally irrelevant and disinteresting.

The prospect and challenge of a program that incentivises and rewards proactivity is one I meet with tentative enthusiasm. Having gone through the motions during my degree thus far, I feel inclined and obliged to seize the chance for authorship and reap the benefits this space has to offer. It was patently obvious that a reactive approach will render Networked Media very tricky. Passing – for most – is the end game, and gaining knowledge or skill can often be secondary to that all important P, as we go through our respective courses with detached engagement. Doing the bare minimum for that precious P is not totally reprehensible, but something more exacting and demanding encourages reflection on why are we even doing this – and the ‘why’ is a point of examination that is non existent in any subject I have done before.


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