Historians and Researching

Jumping back a few weeks ago when Abigail Belfrage come into the class to help us individually with our projects was very helpful. She really went above and beyond to try make sure we were hitting every possible avenue for researching which is really great.

Some of the avenues that I have been researching in:

Melbourne Uni Archives

Being searching through political organisations she was involved in and looking at which organisations would be creating information about her.

– Women’s Social and Political Union, Women’s Political Association, Victorian Socialist Party, militant Women’s Peace League

NAA – National Archive
Women’s Political Association – Naturalisation (Documents)

Victorian Socialist Party – reportage documents

Women’s Peace Army (1915 -1916)

– Found records however not of her just of people who were affiliated with her – however this can still be useful as records when talking about the groups she was affiliated with

Women’s petition – document

People who have written extensively about the socialist groups and movements 

– Jeff Sparrow, Stuart McIntyre

Prison record – still to follow up on

The Australian women register

ADB – Australian dictionary biography – has a brief biography about her

Criminal Record Office – photos of her under surveillance
– very limited but a great photo

NPG x45565; Jennie Baines by Criminal Record Office

Jennie Baines by Criminal Record Office <>

*To keep in mind that Suffragette was a British term and that Australian documents might not have used this term


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