Journey of Heart


A story about change.


By watching and learning the materials and experiences from class and non-class, I discovered the importance of the work to the author. Whether it is a photographer or a designer, production is often the best way for people to learn and remember them. And I also want to try to show the work which makes people understand the author and the meaning and atmosphere she wants to express through it.


The digital photo book is about a design project that uses coloured paper and poetry to express a girl’s different emotional changes between daytime and night time. I tried to use the additional filter colours to show the contrast. Since the design project is presenting in the form of a booklet, my idea is to show the dynamics of page-turning in gifs. I hope to include and offer complete meaning and content in this way.


A photo book by Lorinda Zhao

PDF: Journey Of Heart

Link for the full version (just in case):

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