Ruby moved to Melbourne to start living the life she wanted to lead, but her family back home has other plans. Marriage in her culture is a family affair where everyone is involved. Ruby’s family have been on the hunt for someone to “take care of her” for years now but Ruby is in no rush to settle. RUBY is a 5 min documentary that depicts the pressure Ruby feels from her family to marry who they choose or to find her own way.



Featuring Rubina Peters 

A film by Sarah Menegon 


Archive footage and photographs 

Rubina Peters personal collection 

‘Kissing’, The Edison Company, Creative Commons. 

‘Home movie: 000558: 1956 Jewish wedding’, A/V Geeks, Creative Commons 




Composed by Benjamin Tissot 

(Links to an external site.)  

 ‘Old Phone’   

by Kassimaja 

‘Old 8mm’ 

by Jude 13 


With thanks to  

Paul Ritchard, Adam Farrington-Williams and Emma Docherty 


Supervising Producer 

Rohan Spong 


Created as part of  

Real to Reel studio 

School of Media and Communication 




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