Media Studio 2020

Project Exposure – Mitch Pelns Ross

Project Exposure (Trailer) – Assignment 4 (Future Play) from Media Factory on Vimeo.

Project Exposure is a location-based play experience that aims to promote small businesses in a post COVID world as users engage with their community and receive rewards back in an engaging, collaborative experience with an end goal of complete community resilience and unity. Project Exposure invites players to explore their local area’s small business sector by completing very simple tasks such as checking in, leaving a review, or playing a short game for points which when accumulated can be redeemed for numerous awards at the registered small businesses. In return for their support and engagement, the businesses receive exposure through the app’s feed, shared posts, and increased foot traffic. Resulting in a collaborative 2-way reward system to help community small businesses get back on their feet and encourage consumers to support local more often.

Sofia • December 14, 2020

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