Media Studio 2020

The Racial diversity game — Color

Color is a simulation mobile game which aimed to increase the awareness of university student about racial diversity. In this game, players are going to roleplay the university life of the chosen character and experience several racist events happening in school. Throughout the game, players are told to make several decisions based on the situation…

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The Land

This is Aidan Torno’s Assignment 4 video game concept, titled ‘The Land’, presented via PowerPoint slides. ‘The Land’ is a sandbox survival city sim, with heavy emphasis on the player’s actions upon the enviroment.

Bear Hunt

‘Bear hunt’ is a concept derived from the 1989 children’s book, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen. The purpose of the game is to bring people together. The coronavirus pandemic has meant many of us have become more isolated but on many occasions, we have escaped the lonely reality through play and…

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Billy Cooke Assignment 4 Future Play: Dead By Daylight Mod

An in game mod design for popular console, PC and mobile game Dead By Daylight. Both a new campaign and multiplayer game mode design for Dead by Daylight.  

The Sims 4:Education Overhaul-Heling Zhang

Summary: This is a game trailer of the new mod of The Sims 4: Education Overhaul. With gamification have been practiced on education many years, many people still believe game will ruin children’s future. The new modification in The Sims  4  will strengthen the education part. It embed the different real courses and it deliver…

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As the earth becomes more and more polluted, we hope the presence of Salvator can help protect the environment. It is a single-player and action-adventure mobile game with the theme of environmental protection. The game is set on a planet that is no longer suitable for human life because of heavy pollution, and our protagonist…

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Member of Society – Victoria Kim

Member of Society – Paper Prototype from Media Factory on Vimeo. Member of Society (2020) By Victoria Kim Member of Society is a mobile game that aims to get young adults better prepared for adulthood. Existing simultaneously in both reality and the game world, players are invited to physically carry out certain tasks in order…

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Would You Still Eat It? (A Party Card Game)

The aim of this game is to gain points by writing up gross descriptions of delicious food. Whoever gets the most points wins. Here stands the test of love for you and your favourite dishes! Would You Still Eat It? (Ryan Lapiz – Future Play Assign. 4) on Vimeo


Introducing the new VR Game, WORLDSPACE. Connect with friends and family anywhere in the world with virtual reality. Using state of the art Satellite technology and 3D world building you can now travel the globe and experience all of natures beauty, even if you are sequestered to a tiny city apartment. Meet friends in scenic…

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A Soundless Voice

A self aware game character without a true, real ‘voice.’ Who is she, how does she think, and how does she feel? Why ask me when she can tell you herself. https://vimeo.com/mediafactoryrmit/review/491019896/d8fe3c4edd

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