An Invention

Sophie Wilkinson: Design Fiction-er.

I had a brainwave on the way to uni today. Walking down Swanston Street, I passed by 7Eleven and grabbed a Slurpee, even though it was about fifteen degrees and 8:30 in the morning.

The frozen artificial orange stuff piped into my cardboard cup in a lovely, creamy stream. But I was quickly thrown a curve ball. That first sip is awesome: fresh out of the machine, it’s really smooth and… just awesome. But within seconds, the Slurpee begins to solidify and becomes grainy. Not so good.

Enter the Slurpinator (name will be changed as soon as a better one can be found): an entirely recyclable cup with a built in wind turbine and churn. The wind turbine operates the churn, which keeps your Slurpee smooth and non-granular.

I know there are problems – the Slurpinator can only be operated on a particularly windy day, and you must keep the turbine pointed in the direction of the airflow, but these are semantics. Problems to be overcome.

Genius, hey? Looking towards the future, I am.

By the way, copyright.

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