Study Areas:
– Narration (voice narration/written/no narration)
– Personalisation (omnipotent person/recognisable face) is it important to have personality and character or do they just need to be a skilful and talented chef that can teach the audience techniques?
– Subject Matter – Nature of difficulty (Can technical things be communicated in short period of time. Will people become frustrated watching tutorials and not being able to achieve the same result? Do ingredients need to be simple, accessible cheap? Do they have to be fatty to get peoples attention? Certain foods seem to ring alarm bells in peoples minds and gain more views and popularity E.g cheese, bread, mince meat, pasta, butter, cream, icecream, nutella, peanut butter, chocolate, Oreos)
– Tasty videos assume the audiences intelligence and doesn’t underestimate them. They don’t feel the need to show every bit of information. They cut out details and know that the audience will be able to assume an understanding of what has occurred within that gap of time. There is allot of ellipsis but there is enough information to gain an understanding of what is going on. Any capable adult should have the common knowledge from past life experiences to understand and assume what is going on on-screen. They should be able to take initiative to continue the actions for themselves. Although these videos are simple if you showed the same videos to a child they may lack the life experiences and common knowledge to understand what has occurred within the cuts from shot to shot. If you make videos containing more technical demonstrations maybe your average adult would not have the knowledge to comprehend what is going on for themselves. Maybe these technical videos would frustrate audiences who cannot execute the product and achieve the same final result. On the other hand maybe they would be very popular with a riche audience who have a specific interest and set of capabilities.

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