TV Seminar Self-Assessment

Television (Self Assessment)

I will say, immodestly, that our seminar was a raging success. Our set-dressing and quality of host, presentation and guests (most credit here to Lauren B, Conor and Jess) were excellent. However, to return briefly from Uranus, we were by no means perfect. The quiz portion (which was my own devising) fell a little flat in sections. Though it was an excellent way to break the ice, we definitely could have gone without the word-association segment. This was very much my instinct but by the time that had really hit home, we were 20 minutes from starting and had to go with it. The opening sketch worked really well. It was written by Rob and Conor then work-shopped with me for clarity.

Jason K was head of filming and the results were very pleasing, however, Jason should have been more proactive about getting the lighting right – which did turn out to be an issue. Still, no harm done and he ended up with some excellent material. Rueben took care of the poster, which is his mandate, owing to the highest level of photoshop proficiency. I was not 100 percent on it’s final iteration but time constraints proved to be one of the deciding factors here.

In my opinion, what made our group so effective was that we functioned excellently as a team. Everyone knew their roles and performed them to an incredibly high standard. Jess and I probably led the workshop discussions, but we were by no means the sole reason for our success. Rob and Conor were admirably restrained in their theatrics. Jess, Lauren and Michael organised some excellent guests and some even better set dressing. Evan and I took care of the quiz and I took care of the sound, which was more or less satisfactory, but significantly assisted by Dave from the B9 tech office.

One drawback was that it really put me off working in TV… Too many people telling you what you can’t do. 😉

I played a role in almost every aspect of this seminar, for better and worse. Therefore I feel, deserve a reasonably high mark for my contributions. I think my largest contribution was in helping simplify seemingly complex scenarios, when group discussions began to wander, as well as the sound and assisting in set dressing. I hope other, key, group members are equally immodest in the personal assessments, for it would be well deserved.