10 what if questions.

10 what if questions.

What if?

Adrian has linked design fiction to media by asking us to focus on the ‘what if’ tendencies of the theory.  In a society often labelled as revolutionary it is all to easy for us to expect change rather than ask for it.

I’ve been pondering over this post for about a week, I like the concept, but have really struggled to put together a list of original ‘what if’ questions..  It’s all been thought of before!

It is now impossible to have a completely original idea, every new idea is just an extension of an old one. But perhaps that is the purpose of design fiction, a concept that ignores the boundries of our era in order to enhance and manipualte the ideas of today.

10 WHAT IF QUESTIONS ( warning- these questions are higly intelectual..)

1- What if dogs could talk

2- What if christians didnt hate homosexuals

3- What if ice cream was good for you

4- What if we found a cure for cancer

5- What if money grew on trees

6- What if a pill could make you fit

7- What if we could live forever

8- What if the magic pudding was real

9- What if the internet was shut down

10- what if humans could breed with animals.

So lets get manipulating!

Although some of these concepts are just plain hideous, I’m sure if we all stopped accepting the now and looking towards the future, we would come up with amazing things and continue to advance at a rapid rate.