Story Ideas & Story Outline

Idea #2

Eli, after being in a coma for ten years finally wakes up to an empty world. With no memories of his past, he wanders aimlessly throughout the deserted setting…searching for signs that would explain what had happened during those lost years. Time goes on, and still Eli remained alone, a solitude life with none for company except the clothes on his back, and a colt 1911 with a single bronzed bullet. When not knowing the purpose to one’s life, depression becomes an escape: for what is life without purpose? Eli raises his arms, turned his pistol and slowly placed it into his mouth. Finger steady at the trigger. Eli takes three consecutive deep and long breaths, the last of his thoughts racing through his mind: thoughts of his life in its entirety… so dark, so aimless… so alone… and in a second, a blank. BANG. (pulls trigger). Feelings of warmth overtake all sensations. Through shuteyes, light yellow rays graze gently upon his eyelids. ‘Heavenly…’ he utters to himself. As he slowly opens his eyes, everything that was expected, everything that was hoped for dulled away back into the gaping chasms of reality. The world remained the same: cold and empty. With gun still in mouth and finger still relaxed on the trigger, Eli can’t help but to wonder, ‘Hadn’t I shot myself yet?’