Week 5.2 Workshop

In today’s workshop we were asked to get into groups of 4 and given the opportunity to choose our own wiki topic. We chose Julian Assange from Wikileaks as our wiki topic.

Kim’s day with Julian Assange

• Into – with Midnight Oil blaring
• Embassy sign in
• Scours the newspapers over a morning coffee and finds articles on himself (could take this from documentary – direct quotes of footage)
• Chats with his friend, Bradley Manning on MSN (Manning is in jail still)
• Kim has lunch with Julian and staff AKA “family”
• Julian shows Kim his living quarters and the few photos he has framed. Could take a screenshot of him and his team in Iceland. Julian could tell a little story about his time spent there. Can also take story from documentary.
• Plays scrabble with Kim. Some of his beliefs could come out then.

• All members to write allocated sections (100 to 200 words). Don’t need to be too wordy as Kim L will edit
• Kim L to edit and compile feature article in first person
• James to upload Niki entry and to create Ecuadorian Embassy sign in sheet
• Kim and Shaz to take screen shots from Wikileaks documentary where necessary
• All to try gather one academic (peer reviewed) source to include or reference within the article. Topics of focus are freedom of speech from the public and in media as well as censorship