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Integrated Media Participation


May 26, 2014 by sharona

What did you do well?

I feel that as I attended every single class and lecture (bar the one I was sick for), I participated in class very well, both in body and spirit. By being present in tutorials, I gained a fuller understanding of the different topics we tackled. I tried to participate in classes by contributing and adding my opinions, and think that I actually contributed and learned in class.

What have you learnt to do better?

I learnt to actually read readings better. I also learnt how to better construct videos for certain effects. I also underwent a huge learning curve for Korsakow and non-linear narratives. Being more abstract.

What could you have learnt to do better?

Documentation – while I did do all the readings and attended the required classes, I sometimes allowed my laziness to get the best of me and flaked on actually writing about the readings.


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