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HoFT Tute #11


May 21, 2014 by sharona

This is Not a Film

  • the death of cinema
  • documentary impulse -> reality vs. construction, film within film, social realism
  • censorship as a death of cinema
  • boring? (I actually enjoyed it)
  • director is highly film-literate

The paradigm shift (Cheshire reading)

  • sound not ‘revolutionary’
  • distinction between art and entertainment
  • i.e. German Expressionism -> market themselves against international cinema, national cinema is unified therefore art & entertainment unified (high + low art distinction)
  • French New Wave: fork in the road
  • -Creates an alternative
  • -Looking back at national cinemas
  • -Hollywood = accessible/coherent
  • -French New Wave/art film = challenges the viewer, hermeneutic


  • the future
  • industry, special FX animation
  • how has it changed?
  • urgency


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