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Television Cultures Posts Weeks 5 – 12

Core Screening – The Bachelor The Bachelor (Australia) produced by Shine Australia, premiered on Network Ten on the 8th September 2013, and is hosted by Osher Gunsberg. The series revolves around a single bachelor and a selection of romantic interests, which… Continue Reading →

Television Cultures Assessment 1

Shop Till’ You Drop – Dead Set (2008) In week one, the screening to introduce us to Television Cultures course was Zeppotron’s Dead  Set (2008), which provided a reality television slant to the zombie apocalypse in a genre-mash of reality… Continue Reading →

Semester 1 Reflection

Semester 1 of this course has been everything I expected it to be: unfamiliar, fresh, and interesting. To be studying something that interests me is what I have been looking forward to for some time. Throughout this semester, I have… Continue Reading →

Assessment 4 – Draft

Over the last 2 weeks our group has produced many ideas and directions to move towards for our creative product for our text artefact. Our idea-span was almost too big to follow at one point, and we were unsure how… Continue Reading →

Week 12 Lecture

As humanity progresses and becomes more innovative in its technologies and methods of survival, we are more and more responsible for the consequences of those innovations. As humanity has grown and evolved to become the most widespread and influential species,… Continue Reading →

Week 10 Reading – Institutions

Power, in various forms, has been a constant that has unified and combined diverse methodologies and ideals in terms of how media is approached and treated. The relationship between of the production of media and the audience can potentially dictate… Continue Reading →

Week 11 Reading – Remixes

Remixes are the repurposing of existing media, and creating something new or different with it. The remix culture has found popularity amongst disco and hip hop groups. We can even consider remixes as not as straight forward as we on… Continue Reading →

19/5 – Remixes Lecture

“Even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be.” We looked at the debate over intellectual property… Continue Reading →

14/5 Tutorial

Today we ran through with the class to explain our progress and thought progress so far. We’re staying on track with the research, and I have started constructing a website to present our findings. We’re planning to conduct a survey… Continue Reading →

12/5 Lecture

We focused on institutions this week, and analysed community media in particular with a group. We made a mind map in accordance to the prompts we were given. Community media, being influenced and tailored to the surrounding community, provides content… Continue Reading →

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