The RMIT Library is a space designed to be accessible for all purposes and provide a variety of sources for both academic, imperial, and creative work conducted by students and academics alike. Resources offered include not only traditional texts, but also audio-visual material, periodicals, and digital resources and aids to compliment the study conducted. Aside from the materials on offer, the library makes staff available for assistance fromĀ sourcing the right material to conducting classes and training on how to evaluate the quality of the material relevant to your study. I also nap there.

In terms of the studio, considering what many believe to be ‘old media’ resides in the library, there is a vast archive of material, inspiration, and resources to take both an investigative or creative approach, and provide the information necessary to make informed comparisons and contrasts between the concepts of ‘old’ and ‘new’ media, and to make use of the library resources to highlight the innovationĀ or repurposing of media.