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March 2017

PB # 2 – “Transmedia is as important as the original content”

Transmedia is as important as original content Transmedia can be defined as “the simultaneous promotion of a product via a number of media channels, at least one of which is interactive.” (Sokolva, 2012, p.1567) While transmedia is often used as… Continue Reading →

PB #2 – ‘The image has forever changed’

  Visuals and imagery are a key part of message communication, and how they present themselves in the form of meaning is forever changing. From the most basic and traditional methods that have persisted over the millennia to the technological… Continue Reading →

PB #2 – ‘Old media is memory of new media”

In this photograph taken in the halls of European Historical Art 1699 – 1799 at the NGV, the subject and content of the art itself is crucial in it’s own right, however the experience the viewership of the art provides… Continue Reading →


A magneto-optical storage system ( a technology that was introduced commercially in 1985 ), that had a capacity of 1 gig of digitised Hi-HD audio. Manufactured by Sony from 1992 to 2013 Targeted as a replacement for the Phillips Compact… Continue Reading →


The RMIT Library is a space designed to be accessible for all purposes and provide a variety of sources for both academic, imperial, and creative work conducted by students and academics alike. Resources offered include not only traditional texts, but… Continue Reading →

Behind the Craft

Dracula’s Cabaret Melbourne Opened in 1980 Modelled in mock-gothic style In architecture, a grotesque is a word to describe strange and disgusting imagery to convey a bizarre atmosphere originating from the gothic architectural style in the 1700s Traditionally carved from stone and installed… Continue Reading →

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