Analysis & Reflection #4 – Q2

These are some keyboard shortcuts I age never used when editing with Premiere:

    Paste Attributes Opt+Cmd+V

This shortcut could be really important when editing our documentary. In order to colour match and grade all of our footage so that it aesthetically looks appealing and like it all flows really well. Last semester I was not a hands on part of the colour grading editing of our short film, so this shortcut could help me if we need it for this semesters editing!

  Find… Cmd+F

This shortcut would be hugely useful for finding our shots/footage/sound/titles etc, in a fast manner. Saving time on looking for things!

Save Cmd+S

This is a completely obvious keyboard shortcut that everyone should probably know, but even thought we know it, I know that we tend to forget to use it as often as we should! Saving is important, so this shortcut is really really important to us when editing!

  Edit Original Cmd+E

This is another keyboard shortcut that I had no idea existed. But I feel like this would be useful when wanting to edit a clip that has already been edited, without changing that edit?